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Energy solar modules for Vienna’s futuristic sport halls

The modernization of the six municipal Ufo-like round gyms from the 1970s is progressing. The Atzgersdorf sports hall at Steinergasse 22 and the Simmering sports hall at Florian-Hedorfer-Strasse 24 were recently officially opened – each with an installed roof capacity of 54 kWp. Lightweight and flexible ericsity Energy photovoltaic modules for direct bonding to foil roofs were used.

Although they are no longer the most practical construction method today, these architectural treasures from the 1970s still exude an incomparable aesthetic. Above all, the combination of the round roof surfaces and the star-shaped PV systems gives the sports facilities a modern science fiction look.  
Since their construction, the round sports halls have been a place of exercise and togetherness for countless children and young people in Vienna. With up to 1400 m2, they offer sufficient space for sporting activities and can accommodate up to 400 spectators. The integration of solar energy into this renovation project not only increases energy efficiency, but also represents an important step towards sustainability and environmental protection. The PV systems were installed on behalf of Wien Energie and show once again that the combination of modern energy generation and the preservation of architectural masterpieces from times gone by, as well as innovation and tradition, can go hand in hand.

More about the refurbishment project of Vienna’s round sport halls:

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Ericsity flexible solar panel

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Ericsity flexible solar panel