Ericsity flexible solar panel
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140-160W Flexible Panel Solar Module

140-160W Flexible Panel Solar Module

Bifacial solar Modules, also known as double-glass solar modules, have become increasingly popular in the solar industry due to their superior efficiency and durability. Among these, N-type bifacial solar cells stand out for their high power generation capacity and longevity.

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Product Description

1.Lightweight as 6.95kg

6.95kg in total, easy to carry by individual

Weightless pressure on terrace or balcony railing, household-friendly

2.Easy to install

Fix by silicon glue or binding belt, no need professional tools

Fast installation and labor-saving

3.High Efficient and Reliable &Safety

20-21% conversion efficiency

Power generation life 25 years, same as glass PV modules

Efficient and Reliable

Connecting it to the public grid using micro-inverters easily, as a wonderful household electricity supplement

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Ericsity flexible solar panel