Ericsity flexible solar panel
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425W flexible solar modules

425W flexible solar modules

ER465-485SP flexible PV module, weight as low as 8.3kg in total.Back sheet can be provided in black or white color according to your request, The most notable characteristic is their flexibility, enabling them to be mounted on curved or irregular surfaces such as roofs with varying angles, vehicles, tents, and even clothing.. Junction box can be supplied in front or at back according to customer’s request.

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Product Description

Lightweight as 8.3kg

Thin and high quality

8.3kg in total, easy to carry by individual

Bending radius up to 0.30m

Easy to install

Fix by silicon glue or binding belt, no need professional tools

Fast installation and labor-saving

Single person is enough

High Efficient and Reliable &Safety

19.6% conversion efficiency

Power generation life 25 years, same as glass PV modules

Professional installation guide

Easy to connect to grid

Connecting it to the public grid using micro-inverters easily

A wonderful household electricity supplement

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Ericsity flexible solar panel