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600-800w for Balcony solar power System

600-800w for Balcony solar power System

A balcony solar power system with a capacity of 600-800 watts is designed for urban apartment settings, allowing residents to generate renewable energy even with limited space.
Balcony solar power system is also known as mini-PV systems. A balcony solar system consists of a series of smaller, more manageable solar panels that are mounted on balcony railings or tied on the railing. It converts incident sunlight into current and feeds it into your home. Every appliance in your home (whether it is a dishwasher, oven, or refrigerator) first uses “its own electricity” before drawing electricity from the public grid.

Flexible Solar Panel

Peak Power200W
Voltage max power(Vm)22.62V
Current max power(lm)8.85A
Open circuit Voltage(Voc)26.57V
Short circuit Current(Isc)9.36A
Water ProoflP67
Accessories50cm 4mm2 PV cables+MC4
Operating Temperature-20-65℃

Micro Inverter

Maximum DC input power800W
operating voltage range22V-60V
Maximum DC input current18A * 2
AC output voltage120V-230V
Rated AC current120VAC :6.7A/230VAC:3.5A
Rated AC frequency50Hz /60Hz
Highest conversion efficiency95%
Operating ambient temperature-20°C to +50°C
Net weight1.48KG
Water ProofIP65
Warranty5 years
Communication methodsWIFI

Product Description

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1. Lightweightand Space-Efficient:

Compact and Space-efficient: The system is designed to fit small spaces, such as balconies, making it ideal for urban living environments.

Fittingt into limited spaces,  making them ideal for urban environments where space is a premium, easily mounted on railings or walls without occupying valuable living areas.

2.Ease of Installation:.

Ease of Installation: Typically plug-and-play, these systems are user-friendly and can be easily installed without the need for extensive technical expertise.

Fix by silicon glue or binding belt,  no need professional tools,taking advantage of solar energy without needing extensive modifications to their properties

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Grid-tied Capability: Many balcony solar systems can connect to the local grid, allowing for net metering and the offsetting of electricity bills by feeding excess power back to the grid.

Scaled according to energy needs and available space, starting with a small balcony solar power system, gradually expand it by adding more modules as required

4.Energy Efficiency and Cost Savings:

Versatile Mounting Options: The systems come with various mounting solutions, such as railings, walls, or ground mounts, providing flexibility in installation.

Environmentally Friendly: By utilizing solar energy, these systems contribute to reducing carbon footprints and promoting sustainable living practices.

Smaller size, higher reduction of electricity bills by supplementing a household’s energy consumption, contributing to both energy efficiency and long-term cost savings.

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Ericsity flexible solar panel