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100W flexible solar modules for green house

100W flexible solar modules for green house

ER100FSP flexible PV module, a type of photovoltaic technology that can be bent and shaped to fit curved surfaces or a low-load vehicle. These modules are made up of special composite material that are lightweight, durable, and highly efficient in converting sunlight into electricity. Generally used for RV, tent, yacht, balcony, greenhouse and other power generation scenes, the shape of holes can be customized according to the actual fixed needs of users. Dimension usually be about 1×0.5m and weigh 2.3kg, Ericsity can supply junction box installation in front or back according to your application. They can also support the combination of micro-inverters as solar power generation systems.

Electrical Performance Parameters

Nominal Power100W

Structural Properties

Solar panel cellMono166*83mm,36pcs (3*12)
Junction boxIP68 (3 bypass diodes), MC4 compatible connectors
Output conductor44.0mm² (IEC) Conductor length: (+)250mm,    (-)350mm, conductor length can be customized

Product Description

1.High Efficiency up to 20.5%

The 100W flexible solar module is designed to maximize power output while minimizing space requirements.Its high efficiency allows it to generate significant amounts of energy even in low light conditions or partial shading.

2.Lightweight and Flexible

Weighing significantly less than traditional glass or metal PV panels, only 2.25KG for 100W panels. Bend with inner diameter to 300mm.The flexible solar module can be easily installed on curved or uneven surfaces without the need for heavy mounting structures. This makes it an excellent choice for integrating solar power into existing greenhouse designs.


Made from weather-resistant materials, the flexible solar module can withstand harsh environmental conditions such as high temperatures, humidity, and exposure to UV radiation. It is also resistant to physical damage from impacts or hail.

4.Easy Installation

The lightweight and flexible nature of these modules simplifies installation processes. Attached directly to the greenhouse structure using adhesive tapes or clamps, eliminating the need for complex mounting systems.

Product Application

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Ericsity flexible solar panel