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585W N-type Bifacial Solar Modules

585W N-type Bifacial Solar Modules

Bifacial solar Modules, also known as double-glass solar modules, have become increasingly popular in the solar industry due to their superior efficiency and durability. Among these, N-type bifacial solar cells stand out for their high power generation capacity and longevity.

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1.N-type Silicon Wafers:

N-type bifacial solar panels are made from N-type silicon wafers, which have a lower susceptibility to impurities and defects compared to P-type wafers. This results in higher stability and efficiency over the lifespan of the panel.Zero light-induced degradation

2.Bifacial Design:

The panel is designed to capture sunlight on both sides, allowing it to generate electricity not only from direct sunlight but also from reflected light. This dual-sided generation capability significantly enhances the energy output compared to traditional single-sided solar panels.

3.Double-glass Construction:

N-type bifacial solar panels typically feature a double-glass structure, with solar cells sandwiched between two layers of tempered glass. This design offers excellent resistance to physical damage, weathering, and corrosion, ensuring a long service life for the panel.

4.High Efficiency:

Thanks to advanced cell technologies such as PERC (Passivated Emitter Rear Cell), IBC (Interdigitated Back Contact), or HJT (Heterojunction), N-type bifacial solar panels achieve higher conversion efficiencies than conventional solar modules.Up to 30% additional power generation

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