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420W Solar Panel Lightweight module

420W Solar Panel Lightweight module

The 420W Lightweight Solar Panel Module is a high-efficiency renewable energy solution suitable for various applications. Its lightweight design makes installation easier while providing stable power output. The module uses advanced technology to ensure durability and high efficiency, making it an ideal choice for both environmental and economic benefits.

Product Date

Electrical Performance Parameters-420w Structural Properties-420w temperature property-420w


Product Description

Lightweight & 5.6kg/㎡

lightweight solar panels
30-year power generation performance guarantee
Decrease by 2.0% in the first year
12-year product warranty
Conventional photovoltaic 82%
Decrease by 0.55% per year

Easy to Transport,Carry And Install

Galaxy photoelectric building materials through hot air welding and roof integration, no support, automatic and rapid installation, saving labor and materials; Ventilation structure design, effectively reduce the back temperature, prolong the roof life, but also ensure efficient power generation, reduce the total cost of the project.

High Energy Conversion: Utilizes premium photovoltaic materials to ensure an energy conversion efficiency of over 20%.

Ultra High Flexibility

Main Features
Borderless technology
Anti-dust accumulation structure on the surface
High UV resistance technology
Thin and light structure technology
Mechanical fixation technology
Ventilation and heat dissipation structure system
Impact resistant structural system

Efficient and Reliable

The front side of the component has no main grid shielding, which improves the battery conversion efficiency and provides excellent electric performance under low light conditions.

Lightweight Design: Weighs over 30% less than traditional solar panels, making it easier to transport and install.

Strong Weather Resistance: Excellent resistance to UV, moisture, and corrosion, suitable for various harsh environments.

Long-lasting Durability: Made with high-strength glass and durable frame, offering a product lifespan of up to 25 years.


Product Application

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