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Kraftwerk GmbH - official Energy sales and installation partner

From project planning to the finished PV system

We work with our competent project development and installation partner Kraftwerk GmbH to bring our Energy photovoltaic technology and thus sustainable photovoltaic power to where it is needed. At Kraftwerk GmbH, highly qualified project managers, experts and technicians from a wide range of specialist areas provide our Energy customers with all the necessary components for a customized turn-key solution for the requirements of a photovoltaic system. Experienced installation professionals accompany our customers from the first consultation to the finished photovoltaic system and offer support in every single step towards clean energy.

Kraftwerk expertise

Project development
PV system design (yield simulations, consumption analysis)
PV system planning/dimensioning
Handling of approval procedures
Handling of subsidies (ÖMAG, KLIEN, state subsidies, ...)
Detailed plan drafting
Lightning protection (planning and construction)
PV system assembly/installation (roof, facade)
AC-side connection, incl. E-test report

Contact our installation partner Kraftwerk GmbH +8616650273776

No substructure. Glued directly. Reduced installation time.

Energy photovoltaic modules can be mounted without the need of a substructure or additional fixing materials. The photovoltaic modules can be glued directly to a building's exterior. This method significantly reduces the time required to install the modules. Furthermore, no damage is created by drilling holes in the substructure, as the roof surface is left intact. With their low weight, Energy PV modules are also suitable for roofs and facades that pose significant structural or physical challenges, i.e. low load-bearing capacity

Energy Installation Manual

High-Quality Adhesion with Innotec

Together with the high-quality adhesives of Innotec, our PV modules enable our customers the maximum amount of architectural freedom. In this way, permanent, secure bonding is ensured on all conceivable surfaces.

Energy sales and installation partner
Energy sales and installation partner
Energy sales and installation partner
Energy sales and installation partner
Ericsity flexible solar panel

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Ericsity flexible solar panel