Ericsity flexible solar panel
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ERICSITY for Sustainable Energy Generation

Industrial and commercial roofing solutions

Ericsity flexible PV modules differ significantly from conventional glass PV modules due to their low weight and are also ideally suited for roofs with low load-bearing capacities due to their flexibility and lightness. Easy installation, as the modules can be glued directly to the standing seam roofing system, bitumen, glass or membrane roof. Making it possible to produce energy in a variety of ways.

Mobile applications solutions

Ericsity's modules are ideal for mobile homes, campers, boats, tents and electric vehicles such as golf carts areas where conventional glass modules are out of the question due to their heavy weight.

More solutions

Ericsity's flexible PV modules can also serve as a stand-alone power source for highway sound barriers, street lighting, surveillance cameras, parking meters, etc. In addition, Ericsity is constantly developing new photovoltaic products, such as solar roof tiles with integrated PVs, solar cells for vehicles and much more.

Ericsity flexible solar panel

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Ericsity flexible solar panel

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Ericsity flexible solar panel