Ericsity flexible solar panel

125 kW solar facade for Star Movie Steyr

Already for the second time a PV façade project is realized for the Star Movie cinemas in cooperation with Sun Contracting and ericsity Energy. This time the walls of the cinema Star Movie Steyr are converted into energy producing solar facades (south, east, west).
In the process, 380 pieces of the Austrian-made ericsity Energy solar modules were glued directly onto the concrete walls of the cinema building. A PV system with an installed capacity of 125 kWp was thus erected on a total area of 728 m2.

The ericsity Energy 11x6M PV modules provide a single output of 330 watts peak and, thanks to their low weight (only 3.3 kg/m2), are easily installed on concrete walls and metal facades using simple bonding technology (Innotec).

The innovative ericsity Energy solar facades of the Star Movie Steyr cinema can produce up to 88,000 kWh of clean electricity annually, save up to 41 tons of CO2 emissions per year and thus contribute to a more sustainable cinema experience. In the process, electricity costs are saved and more energy independence from electricity providers is ensured.

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Ericsity flexible solar panel

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Ericsity flexible solar panel